America's Founders and Founding Principles

Independence Day Celebration and Citizens' Parade - Rome, GA. 

July 4, 2020, 2-5 pm

About the event and parameters for messaging and signs.

See Speakers List and Second Press release below.


Americans will gather in prayer on July 4th, 2020 to celebrate and remember the founding of our great nation.  A nation constantly striving for peace and prosperity with liberty and justice for all. 

The celebration will begin in downtown Rome, Georgia on the green of the Law Enforcement Center on 5th Ave. The event will open and close in prayer for our nation and citizens to ensure the longevity of our great country. The celebration will include music, reminders of our founding principles, display of monuments and tributes to the men and women who have fought and died to secure our liberty.  Ample parking is available at no cost.

The event will be entirely positive and will only celebrate what unifies us as a people and the principles and social structures that help Americans strive for the common good.

The celebration will include a citizens’ parade commencing from the 5th Avenue event to Broad St, travel to 2nd Ave, then return on Broad to the law enforcement center. Community groups are invited to participate. Citizens will be invited to join in the parade and carry handmade signs (SEE PARAMETERS BELOW) and American flags to honor our nation and our founding. A small number of floats and patriotic vehicles will also be featured, including classic cars and classic army trucks carrying veterans. The Parade will feature group sing-alongs of American patriotic music.  Local candidates for office will be on site for personal conversations.

The event will start with prayer and a reminder of America’s founding principles. Organizer and Rome resident Dr. David McKalip said, “America is a country unique in the history of the world with a government designed to protect the natural rights of Americans, rather than one by which citizens are granted rights based on the interests of rulers.”

After the short parade, the crowd will re-assemble at the law enforcement center. The event will include a reading of portions of the Declaration of Independence, and a celebration of America’s founding principles. Dr. McKalip offered: “The people of America have best been served when we recognize and work under our founding principles. These include individual liberty, natural rights, limited government, consent of the governed, free markets, property rights, rule of law and equal justice. Through equal application of these principles there is still much to achieve as we strive for a more perfect union of the people, by the people and for the people.” Monuments currently planned include a replicas of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and Emancipation Proclamation. The event will also honor American Heroes that have worked for the betterment of our country including our founders, Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King.

The Independence Day Celebration and Parade is designed to honor the greatness, promise and diversity of America. A broad coalition of participants willing to celebrate America and promote unity is enthusiastically invited. Any community group or musical performers that wishes to be part of the Celebration and/or Citizens’ Parade should contact the organizer Dr. David McKalip at

*Messaging and Sign Parameters

Those who wish to express ideas, concepts and symbols that are not consistent with America are asked not to participate.

Signs should be a positive reflection of our country and not include symbols of regimes defeated by the greatness of America, such as from Nazi Germany, or that disagree with the concept of a Union of States, such as the confederate flag.

Signs or symbols that are derogatory toward any person or institution are not invited as part of this event. All positive affirmations of America are welcome. This is not a political event and we are not inviting signs relating to the issues of the day, only those that are a positive reflection of America.


"God Bless the USA"
"Thank You Veterans"
"Liberty and Justice for All"
"Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness"
"We the People"
Any of Founding principles discussed here.
Encourage Red White and Blue.
Bring Small American Flags.

This celebration has been granted a permit by the City of Rome.

Download Flier (map and parade route)

Press Release  (1st Release)


Speakers List and Second Press Release (7/1/2020)

Speakers Announced for Rome Independence Day Celebration and Citizens’ Parade.


Rome, GA (for immediate release), 7/1/2020. The speakers have been announced for the Independence Day Celebration and Citizens’ parade.  The July 4th event is scheduled from 2-5 pm on Saturday and will be held rain or shine. The celebration will begin and end on the lawn of the 5th Avenue Law Enforcement Center in Downtown Rome. The event features prayer, tributes to America’s founding and founding principles, veterans, heroes, and monuments. It is the first of its kind in Rome and organized entirely by citizen volunteers.

Dr. McKalip, the chief organizer of the event offered: “The community of Rome is full of patriots who are proud of our nation and the amazing fruits America has borne for its citizens and the world. The speakers will remind everyone of why we celebrate America and how, by adhering to our founding principles, we can continue to become a more perfect union”. The event has invited a broad array of speakers and more may be announced. The current list of speakers and topics includes:

Opening Prayer, American Legion Chaplain Terry Simmons (closing prayer TBA).

Dr. David McKalip, Neurosurgeon – Founding Principles of America.

Bill King, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier – The Sacrifices of our Veterans/Cost of Freedom.

John Fortune, Exchange Club Americanism Committee - Meaning of Voting in Iraq: a Soldier’s Perspective.

Randy Smith, Business Owner – Founding of the American Republic.

Jane Tucker, Rosie the Riveter Association - How patriotic American women helped win WWII.

David Guldenschuh, Constitutional Lawyer – The Magnificence of the US Constitution.

In addition, a local family will be reading portions of the Declaration of Independence.  Attendees can personally meet candidates for Sheriff and Congress at their booths. The event will feature positive images and symbols of our country and help Americans remember how to best ensure peace and prosperity for all. A Young Marine Color Guard and Spirit of 1776 Drum and Fife team will lead the Parade. Veterans will be marching and riding in classic cars and military trucks.

The event will begin at 2 pm on 5th Ave at the Law enforcement center and citizens will be asked to walk in the Citizens’ parade at 2:30 pm along Broad and return to the celebration which will continue for another hour, ending by 5 pm. Weather may alter the timing of presentations at the celebration and the timing of the Parade, but both will occur regardless of weather.  Free parking is available at the law enforcement and Forum parking garages.

People are encouraged to make positive signs celebrating America and small American flags will be distributed. Law enforcement will be on hand for traffic control and security and the event is permitted.  Face masks and hand sanitizer will be available. Dr. McKalip offered: “This is an event that could become annual and may be especially welcome by downtown businesses that contribute so much to our local free market economy”.  Those interested in participating as musicians or offering prayer can contact Dr. McKalip at and learn more at and on Facebook at “July fourth celebration Rome”. Positive sign, symbol and message criteria are listed at the website.